Yardley’s Cocktail Bar – September 2016

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Venue: Yardley’s Bar on Bridge Street
Date: 6th September 2016 @ 6.00pm
Attendees: 25 People representing 25 Businesses
Guest Speaker: Chris Weeds – Local Businessman

Yardley’s Evening Business Networking in Belper

Jessica Yardley and team welcomed Business Belper back for their 2nd Evening Networking Event at Yardley’s Cocktail Bar on Bridge Street. Although the meeting didn’t start until 6pm, three eager business owners were already on-site at 5.30pm.

Signing in and mingling kicked off the event, whilst Chris Weeds set up his laptop and projector ready for the presentation. There were many new faces to the networking event, which was great to see, as well as some familiar faces.

Yardleys - Business Belper Evening Networking - Sept 2016-36

It was a different set up tonight, with leaflets lined up on tables down the left hand side and the buffet food ready for consumption down the right. Chairs were set up conference style ready for the first guest speaker for a Business Belper event.

Jo Dyer from Really Useful Gardens spoke highly to a few people abut the Ritz Cinema in Belper whilst Merv from Field Photographic had a friendly catch up with fellow photographer Ashley Franklin. Christine Blake, facilitator for Local Economy & Employment was also on hand again, looking for volunteers for her local study questionnaire.

Yardleys - Business Belper Evening Networking - Sept 2016-9

6.30pm came and everybody took their seats. Rebecca, head of Business Belper and owner of High Heel Creative in Belper gave a quick speech thanking everyone for their attendance before handing it to the networkers to go around the room for an introduction of who they were and what they did.

Rebecca then went over dates for the next meeting at Fresh Basil and to encourage people to complete their questionnaires on ways Business Belper can improve before handing the “stage” to Chris Weeds.

Yardleys - Business Belper Evening Networking - Sept 2016-26

Chris Weeds, local businessman, gave a fantastic 45 minute speech about his time working for larger corporates and swimming acolades, before going over the reasons why he stepped back and supported businesses who required input and investment. Chris spoke of his daughter Katie Weeds whom he had helped open Hair Salon’s in Belper, Duffield and recently North Derbyshire and his son-in-law Mitch who he had helped to venture into electrical contracting with Lecaw Electrical Services.

Afterwards the networking began with many people chatting to other local businesses before having a bite to eat from the buffet. Also, a winner from the prize draw was chosen by Jessica. Jo Leigh from Boom Magazine was selected as the winner of two cinema tickets to The Quad in Derby.

Business Belper would like to thank everyone who attended the networking event, Rhys Adams for the photographs and video and of course Chris Weeds for the presentation. Future events will be sent to registered email addresses and displayed on http://businessbelper.co.uk/events/

Yardleys - Business Belper Evening Networking - Sept 2016-25